Will I need a router?

If you plan on connecting something other than one desktop computer and do not currently have a router, you will need one.

Do you supply a router?
We offer a quality router for purchase and installation for $50.  You will own the router.

How can I tell if you can connect me?
Look at the coverage area map, and then call us for a free site visit.  If we can’t reach you today, let’s talk about the options we have.

What is installed on my property?
An antenna to receive the signal (CPE), up to 200 ft of cat 5e cable and a power injector (POE) to power the CPE.

Where can my receiver by installed?
On any vertical structure, a chimney, house exterior, tv antenna, up to 200 ft from the POE.

When would I need to reboot the system? 
If you are not getting service and we haven’t contacted you about a power outage, then reboot your router and POE.

My internet quit working?
If you have rebooted your router and POE, and are still not receiving internet, give us a call.

How can I tell how fast my internet is?
There are several online programs to test your internet speed, we recommend www.speedtest.net.